ProTips - FiberGutter February 2017

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Innovative Gutter System with Stunning, Seamless Results

Fiberglass Building Products specializes in manufacturing and distribution of modern building products for residential, municipal and small commercial projects. Our focus is to provide materials that last longer, function better and contain an overall sustainability versus any other related products in the construction industry.

Our proprietors have not only been responsible for the conception of fiberglass gutter but also bringing the product to market and completing hundreds of installations.

Our combined experience within manufacturing, distribution and construction spans over a century. It is our goal to provide the absolute best products available for the best price within a timely manner.

Goodrich Lumber carries the following FiberGutter products, and the expertise to support your entire installation:

Product ID:
 #2593  #2561  #2563  #2560  #2564 #2562
Product Name:
40' FiberGutter
 27'6" FiberGutter
PVC Outlet
PVC Endcap
FiberGutter Seaming Kit
FiberGutter / LNFT

Please see your Goodrich Lumber sales representative for additional details.