Stop in to our showroom to view Goodrich Lumber's complete selection of doors and windows.
Engineered Lumber
Goodrich Lumber supplies engineered lumber products for professional building contractors - timber, including rafters, headers, beams, joists, rim boards, studs and columns.
Hand Nails & Screws
Goodrich Lumber carries insulation products - sheets, rolls and batts, floatation billets, and more.
KD Spruce Dimension
Goodrich Lumber carries both rough and standard-length spruce lumber.
Goodrich Lumber carries a wide selection of pine and FJPR mouldings.
Plywood & Panels
Goodrich Lumber supplies a complete selection of plywood, panel, board, and finished materials.
Pneumatic Nails
Goodrich Lumber carries pneumatic nailgun cartridges and coils for most manufacturers.
Pressure Treated Lumber
Goodrich Lumber carries pressure treated lumber for your building projects - decking, plywood, lattice, timbers, boards, balusters, and mountain rail.
PVC / Composites
Goodrich Lumber supplies PVC and composite materials for specialty building applications.
Roofing & Siding
Sheetrock, Joint Compounds, Durock
Specialty Lumber
Goodrich Lumber stocks specialty lumber for professional builders and contractors - oak, fir, mahogany, cedar, maple, and pine.
Structural Connectors & Hangers
Treads, Sills, Thresholds & Jambs
Trim Boards - Pine