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Description: BILCO B BULKHEAD DOORW-51" L-64" H-22"
Price: $742.49/EACH
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Bilco Basement Doors

Basement door models are available in high-density polyethylene or heavy gauge steel, and are engineered to exacting specifications. Bilco bulkhead doors provide safe access, weather-tight performance, easy operation, code-compliance with most building standards, and are practically maintenance free. Bilco basement doors will complement almost any home exterior.

Product Features

  • Bilco Basement Door - Ultra Series

  • Made from high-density polyethylene and engineered to exacting specifications, the Ultra Series door provides safe and code-compliant basement access, weather-tight performance and easy operation - all with virtually no maintenance. The Ultra Series door will never rust, rot or need painting. It's simulated wood texture and pleasing driftwood color will complement almost any home's exterior, and interchangeable side panel inserts allow homeowners to easily add light or ventilation to their basement areaway.
  • Bilco Basement Door - Classic Series Steel-Sided

  • Direct basement access allows homeowners to get the full use of their home. Large furniture, game tables and bulky appliances move easily in and out of a Bilco basement door. Garden tools, deck and patio furniture and pool supplies go directly to and from the yard. Service crews can go directly to the utilities, reducing traffic and potential damage to floors, walls and property.

  • Bilco Basement Door - Classic Series Sloped Wall

  • Type SLW doors are designed for installation on areaways with sloped sidewalls built into the homes foundation. Doors can be installed on sidewalls of brick, stone, block, or poured concrete and are supplied with instructions and hardware for proper installation.